Now you can publish your own content, hosted on your own computer, located at home, in a Data Center, School or Co-op without trading your privacy.

School Libraries Network, is a free distributed framework that anyone can use to share education resources right down to the personal library level with WebSonar. WebSonar can be used to dynamically publish library databases, course materials (audio, video, images & PDF), and Apple's iBooks.

NeoNet Corp will soon be seeding 2000 schools with a free Mac Mini, that includes 2500 libraries out of the box. Just plug it into your network and boot.

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WebSonar 9 - Free with in-app purchase:
This is our family version. It includes nine libraries with an option to publish on the Internet. WebSonar only works on Macs running El Capitan or later!

Now Available

WebSonar 36 - $29.00 US:
This version is designed for teachers. It includes 36 libraries, one for each student in a classroom.

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WebSonar Pro - $99.00 US:
This is our corporate version. It provides unlimited libraries and is scaleable to provide browser access to millions of documents.

Now Available

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