Introducing WebSonar Libraries

After observing the response to the recent data exposures one might conclude that the general public does not really care about privacy. It is possible that the main problem is not apathy but the absence of a viable alternative. We are about to change that.

Project Xanadu was the first hypertext project; founded in 1960 by Ted Nelson. Nelson predicted many of the features of today's hypertext systems. Three of the key requirements were that every Xanadu server can be operated independently or in a network, every document can consist of any data type and every user can search, retrieve, create and store documents.

Opening Pandora's Box

NeoNet Corp has developed a Made in Canada document management solution that solves the student information privacy problem. Link here for details:

WebSonar Libraries link the iPad to the Mac providing a new scalable, educational solution that is safer than FaceBook by eliminating ads and tracking. We are providing these two apps for free starting on August 20th, to encourage adoption and to help establish the School Libraries Network.

WebSonar is based on Virginia Systems' Sonar Professional search engine that was originally developed in 1988. WebSonar combines this powerful search engine with a standard web server to provide a flexible and scaleable, browser based document management solution.

WebSonar is a macOS application that dynamically generates a WWW presence from content stored in WebSonar Libraries. With WebSonar you serve your own content, hosted on your own computer, located at home, in a Data Center, or at your School without trading your privacy.

You simply add your documents; including images, video, audio and PDF files to one of your libraries and WebSonar does the rest. WebSonar Pro provides a set of 100 pre-organized libraries for your use. Every individual library can host an unlimited number of documents. Each Library's home page has a unique URL, provides search functions and a ten page looped slide show. The library's document access is controlled by the library owner. You first claim a vacant library by tapping on the default welcome image to load the library’s settings screen where you can edit your access and library notes field preferences and upload files from any web browser.

WebSonar Pro for your Mac download Link

CREATEit Pro for your iPad download Link

You can view sample libraries here.

We will Host a WebSonar Library for you for $5.00 a month.

Privacy Statement: WebSonar does not collect any information from your computer or from anyone accessing your library. If you have both Public Access and Edit Notes enabled your visitors will be able to make changes to your notes.

Contact: Duane Bemister